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Delta Career Education Corporation
The Instructor is responsible for providing and sustaining an effective learning environment for every student through well- prepared classes, relevant assignments, fair and holistic assessment of learning, clear documentation and feedback on student progress, and support of academic success for all students. The Instructor is responsible for maintenance of professional competence through engagement in documented professional development activities, for engagement in documented faculty development activities that enhance the ability to provide effective instruction and for participation in departmental and campus-wide activities. The Instructor works under the guidance and supervision of the Director of Education, Program Director, or his/her designee.
Education requirement varies by field of instruction:
For Commercial Driver's License (CDL): High School Diploma or GED
For Non-degreed-areas: Associate's Degree, documented specialized competency in field of instruction, or equivalent work experience in the field of instruction
For Degreed-areas: Bachelor's Degree or equivalent work experience in the field of instruction.
For General Studies and Specific Courses in some areas of instruction: Master's Degree, or equivalent work experience in the field of instruction.
? Industry certification in field of instruction if required by industry, or demonstrated knowledge equivalent to the certification.
? 2 years of experience in academic instruction in a post-secondary environment
? 2 years of industry experience in the field of instruction.
Additional requirements for CDL Instructor:
3 years of on-the-road experience within the last 5 years
Valid CDL-A License
Clean MVR and background check, including no DUI/DWI in lifetime
Master's Degree
3 years of experience in academic instruction in a post-secondary environment
5 years of experience in the field of instruction
Working knowledge of federal/state government education regulations
I. Promotes and Maintains a Positive Learning Environment
Maintains a thorough knowledge and understanding of all school policies, and adheres to and upholds their implementation and enforcement.
Convenes all assigned classes in accordance with their start and end times.
Maintains a safe environment for all students, faculty, and staff.
Safeguards materials, records, and equipment.
Participates in campus-wide initiatives in support of recruitment, retention, graduation, and other institutional effectiveness goals on an individual and team basis.
Attends school functions including staff meetings, in-service training, faculty meetings, orientation, graduation, and special student activities and school events as required. Serves on standing committees as appointed.
Completes an annual self-evaluation and participates in the performance appraisal process.
Abides by all Federal, state, and accreditation/compliance rules and regulations.
Serves as a professional role model to students.
Inspires student confidence in school, faculty, and self.
Adheres to the Employee Handbook, Faculty Guide, Catalog, and other school policy and procedure and any amendments thereto.
Demonstrates commitment to interdepartmental cooperation.
Maintains professional dress and demeanor.
Maintains appropriate confidentiality when working with students, records, and administrative staff.
Maintains an attitude of enthusiasm and willingness to cooperate and collaborate.
Interacts with students and fellow employees in a courteous, professional, and positive manner.
Treats students with fairness, impartiality, and objectivity.
Provides advance notification regarding lateness, absence, and vacation schedules during time of substitute assignment.
II. Fulfills Administrative Responsibilities
Maintains and posts office hours for the purpose of student advisement and tutoring.
Maintains accurate, up-to-date records of student progress, performance, and attendance, using the tools and technology provided by the institution, as required by school policy and procedure.
Maintains appropriate confidentiality when working with students, records, and administrative staff.
Contacts absent students on a daily basis via telephone.
Ensures mid-term and final student grades are submitted in accordance with school policy. Submits a mid-term report of students whose grade point averages are below a "C" at the conclusion of the sixth week of classes.
Maintains flexibility in fulfilling the instructional needs of the school.
III. Focuses on Curriculum and Instruction
Participates in the curriculum development and monitoring process.
Makes recommendations for additions to, or upgrading of, curriculum, course materials, equipment, and textbooks.
Recommends library/resource center acquisitions; assists the Librarian in culling the library collection.
Shares course materials and insights with other faculty members.
Participates in Advisory Board meetings.
Keeps up-to-date and in contact with local employers regarding appropriateness of course/program content.
IV. Professional Development
Remains current with developments within the area of instructional responsibility through memberships in professional organizations, seminars, workshops, and continuing education courses.
Regularly participates in professional development activities and provides documentation of these activities.
Participates in scheduled quarterly in-service and training activities.
V. Manages the Classroom/Laboratory
Provides students with a full understanding of course objectives (syllabus, course outlines, and course materials/equipment) on the first day of class and throughout the course.
Maintains appropriate classroom control while utilizing a variety of teaching methods and strategies to meet the needs of varying student learning styles.
Maintains records of course preparation (lesson plans, etc.) and evaluation tools (examinations, quizzes, project/portfolio assignments, etc.), and submits as required.
Holds class for full duration of scheduled hours, and facilitates effective use of class time.
Ensures that all course materials and objectives are presented to accomplish the objectives on the official curriculum syllabus.
Maintains consistent performance when dealing with all students with respect to grading, documentation, policies, and discipline.
Provides the Director of Education or his or her designee with regular feedback relative to class and student progress and/or problems and concerns.
Provides the student with timely information on his or her academic progress relative to quizzes, exams, homework, and projects; review progress with students on a regular basis, well in advance of the end of a term.
Ensures the classroom/laboratory facility is left in a clean and orderly manner upon conclusion of scheduled session.
Actively enforces school policies, such as on-line/computer usage, dress code, etc. at all times.
VI. Delivers Instructional Material
Facilitates classroom activities in a manner that is consistent with the course syllabus and outline.
Utilizes active learning techniques to maintain a challenging learning environment for students; utilizes a variety of media/audio-visual/technology materials to achieve course goals and objectives, and to engage students representing variety of student learning styles.
Provides students with class/laboratory objectives daily.
Assists with exemption/challenge exams for specific courses in teaching field.
Publishes availability for individual tutoring and remediation.
Utilizes effective delivery skills (e.g., eye contact, voice intonation, and various questioning techniques).
Draws on personal experiences to relate the material presented.
Utilizes additional community resources in instruction (i.e., field trips, presentations by guest speakers) relevant to course objectives.
Utilizes library resources in classroom activities.
Ensures appropriate development of student portfolio pieces.
Continually promotes the development and effective use of higher cognitive level/critical thinking skills in students.
Maintains a minimally acceptable overall customer satisfaction rating on the student satisfaction survey instrument in accordance with campus goals.
Maintains a minimally acceptable rating on classroom observation results.
VII. Conducts Laboratory/Clinic/Practicum Activities
Assigns laboratory activities that coincide with the material presented in lecture sessions as appropriate.
Presides over all scheduled laboratory activities and hours.
Ensures that time is spent productively by students working on appropriate assignments.
Provides the opportunity for individual student attention.
Evaluates students and provides them specific feedback.
Provides additional assignments/projects as student progress dictates.
Orders supplies as needed by following school procedure.
Assists in maintaining a clean lab and clean equipment.
Conducts initial troubleshooting measures on equipment and promptly label and reports all equipment in need of repair.
Provides adequate safety measures for students and security measures to ensure safety of laboratory equipment.
Req #: 2014-2598
Job Locations: US-NC-Fayetteville
Posted Date: 6/6/2014
Category: Academics/Education
Campus: Miller-Motte College - Fayetteville
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